What does the end look like to you?

Living in Alberta for 30 plus years has taught me one thing really well. It has been a lesson learnt numerous times. It will probably be a bit longer still that this lovely fact jumps back into my life.

What fact do I speak of you say? What life altering lesson has been provided to me as an Albertan?

The lesson is that good things come to an end.

All I have to do is start as a child. Gretzky! Then there was also a guy Ralph Klein. But by far the biggest upset of all is having a government that not only allows but proactively participates in terrorist tactics to shut down the industry under our feet.

So this leads me to where Alberta is at. To me it seems Canada, Alberta, the west in general are at a crossroads. Soon Albertans will be able to decide is this the end. They will be having discussions and presenting options on how to handle everything ourselves.

So where does that leave you in all this? What concerns would you have, and can we afford NOT to break these chains holding us to Ottawa?

So again what does the “End” look like to you? Let me know below!

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