We have given in, but are we over?

When I look back in 20 years what will be left of the country we once inhabited? Will it resemble the welcoming friendly home I grew up knowing? Or will it be some type of dystopian hell?

Will it be a place where I can freely be a Christian or will I need to walk on eggshells to explain why homosexuality is a sin?

Will it be a home where people that flee oppression can live their life without fear of further oppression? Or will we live in fear to express our concerns?

I see a Canada that I am beginning to not know. One that people are afraid to openly discuss things. People basically call themselves racist before even finishing their thoughts.

Let’s state one thing for future Canadians! It’s the one thing that in my opinion has kept Canada one of the best countries in the past so it must work for our future.

Love thy neighbor as thyself !

If we continue to keep this in focus in building the future we call Canada then it should keep us from killing each other as we discuss our differences!

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