Today some of you may know I had a chat with Critickill today. The last 24 hrs in relation to the Teck Mine was really what spurred our talk today but it is not the first time we have had this chat. The major difference between now and any other occasion is the fact that now it is real, we have no choice.Some may think, “you have to stay united as Canadians, you’re land locked”. To which I usually reply with, “explain how we are not already“? Teck Mine is now another trans mountain, or energy east, or encana, and where are Albertans in this? What choices are we seeing as our solution forward? What is our federal and provincial politicians doing to ensure Alberta and the west has a voice?A political solution is what most think we need and to an extent I agree. To an extent some form elected representatives can work. The key to me is wither the political system as we know it can represent us and do it without corruption. From my examples I’ve seen in my lifetime I’m beginning to believe that answer is a hard “No”!

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  1. I added your youtube upload feed to your webpage and changed the title just to get you started. No need to start a new page but with that said, build as many as you like and link them here. Use this page as your TCTP home page.

  2. Excellent first go. Welcome to the team! I’m glad you’re full of fire because that’s exactly what we need. For now, this will be your webpage. When you create a new web page I will change it.

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