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Corona 2020 / 2030 Globalism

Red Pill Update 3.14

The Narrative

A very big picture. Very difficult to paint.

Imagine for a moment that nobody has all the answers. That everyone has their own agenda. That some believe in ghosts, while others believe in demons, and believe it or not, there are those who believe in nothing at all. No one knows the whole truth even though everyone is faced with hard facts.

Sometimes the truth can be so painful that it becomes impossible to look at.

Like it or not, the world is a chess board. Queens, Bishops, Knights & Pawns, we are all born into this game and we all have no choice but to play it.

The human species has been consumed by the promise of modern civilization for one of the most contested durations in the history of time. The playing field has become so distorted that many don’t even know what side they’re on anymore. It’s complicated, but one thing is for certain. Some are better positioned than others and it’s highly likely that they would like to maintain that position.

On July 28th 1914 the world entered in to the first World War. That war is said to have ended November 11th 1918. On January 10th 1920 the League of Nations was created. World War II broke out September 1st 1939 and came to an end September 2nd 1945. The United Nations was founded in 1945 and the League of Nations was disbanded April 20th 1946. To date the United Nations has 193 member states who don’t all agree with each other. Out of 195 countries, that’s 99% Global governance. Problem is, the Trojan Horse is beginning to fall apart at the gate. If only there was a global event powerful enough to force it through …

Introducing the new Coronavirus

One of two things must be true. Either, COVID-19 is the global pandemic threat we’ve all been warned it is, (and our governments just happened to recognize it before anyone got sick.) Or, It’s a WHO / WTO / NWO / UN psy-op. Considering the WHO would need the cooperation of 193 other independent governments from around the world to pull off this charade, I find the second option highly improbable. However,

After ruling out anything with a lack of reasonable probability, all that Remains is a clear and present danger. Evidently our governments know something we don’t and it’s scaring the fuck out of them. The United States has secretly initiated COG protocols while many other countries around the world have simultaneously declare states of National Emergency knowing full well it would most certainly crush their local economy!?! Claiming the situation we find ourselves in is anything less than dire would be extraordinarily Reckless to say the least. Even without a global pandemic shit is literally flying sideways. Throw a few Rogue players who really fucking hate each other into the mix and we can expect a shit tsunami the likes of which never before witnessed by human eyes. Make no mistake, this party is just getting started.

No one can know what will come, but I think it’s safe to say that some may have a better idea than others. With deductive logic and reason, the lies can be made to reveal a glimpse of truth. 193 countries have been put on alert for what’s being called a potential Global pandemic. I can guarantee you that some of them are shiting they’re fucking pants right now. Ask yourself, if you were given the choice, wear a vest and your Death is certain, or carry a virus and have a slim chance of survival. What do you choose?

With Pandora’s Box wide open, you might want to buckle up. ⚠️ Bumpy ride ahead ⚠️

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Shit Officially Hit The Fan

Critical thinker Homepage
Critical thinker Homepage
Critical thinker Homepage
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My Crazy Conspiracy Theory

It is potentially possible if not highly likely that some groups or individuals with the motive and resources necessary have collected or are in the process of collecting and weaponizing this virus before redistributing it with nefarious intent.

I believe that it is highly probable that our defense department’s who are charged with defending our government’s have considered this and similar scenarios and are currently in the course of taking the appropriate actions.

Now for the crazy part.

One of two things is true. Either what I’ve said above is an accurate representation of the situation we now find ourselves in and I’m right, or it’s not and I’m wrong.

If what I’ve suggested is even the slightest bit accurate then the world we once lived in no longer exists and Pandora’s Box has officially been cracked wide open.

If what I’ve said is wrong and our governments don’t truly consider this a threat then why the big charade?

The fact of the matter is, either way you look at it we’re fucked. Right or wrong doesn’t really matter because as you will soon see the result is the same.

If it is just a big charade then the question is why? With so many players involved all singing the same tune and all playing by the same rules, it seems rather improbable unless you consider the potential for conspiracy. If you’re willing to accept conspiracy, then you must be equally willing to condemn the UN for it. Their goal as clearly stated by them is one Global government.

However, if we eliminate conspiracy and replace it with organized chaos then we begin to see a real threat emerge.

I refer to it as Pandora’s Box because of the plethora of nightmares it has the potential to release. The coronavirus and other bioweapons are just a few of the weapons we are besieged with. Bio genetic enhancements, technology, automation, artificial intelligence and life-extending Technologies combined with finance, the cost of living and overpopulation in underdeveloped areas, not to mention war, famine or “environmental change”.

Ultimately as we are thrown into chaos our rights and our freedoms will become historical footnotes as we willingly sacrifice them to the UN so that we may be saved from our impending doom.

We have given in, but are we over?

When I look back in 20 years what will be left of the country we once inhabited? Will it resemble the welcoming friendly home I grew up knowing? Or will it be some type of dystopian hell?

Will it be a place where I can freely be a Christian or will I need to walk on eggshells to explain why homosexuality is a sin?

Will it be a home where people that flee oppression can live their life without fear of further oppression? Or will we live in fear to express our concerns?

I see a Canada that I am beginning to not know. One that people are afraid to openly discuss things. People basically call themselves racist before even finishing their thoughts.

Let’s state one thing for future Canadians! It’s the one thing that in my opinion has kept Canada one of the best countries in the past so it must work for our future.

Love thy neighbor as thyself !

If we continue to keep this in focus in building the future we call Canada then it should keep us from killing each other as we discuss our differences!

2020 Pandora’s Box Wide Open

It’s too late. Pandora’s Box is already wide open.

It doesn’t take a psychic to predict what’s become inevitable. Viruses in the atmosphere could easily be weaponized and re-released by anyone who can afford the resources. It’s not like it’s never been done before. The difference is this time there’s a good chance of it becoming apocalyptic simply because there’s so many players involved.

I think it’s highly probable at least some are preparing for the inevitable. The controlled crash of the market. Supply and demand to seize the attention of the masses. More countries to close their borders and the threat of a threat to grow ever stronger until, someone somewhere does the unthinkable causing an uncontrollable chain reaction of events. Everything wound up springs loose and suddenly we find ourselves under martial law with a globalist agenda of sustainability rammed down your throat in such a way that you’ll think that you begged for it.

COVID19 is just one of the nightmares we will face in 2020. At the time of writing this and with only 90,000 infected, (most of them quarantined in China), Governments around the world have shown themselves to be preparing for a situation similar to the one I just described. No government that I know of has yet enforced mandatory mass testing or vaccinations other than potentially China, but they will. At this point it’s almost inevitable, and it doesn’t take a psychic to predict what’s become inevitable.

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